Today, when I parallel park and one of my tires is perched on the curb,

I will be grateful I found a space for my car and did not run over anyone’s foot.

Today, when I am packing lunches and realize I forgot to buy the only fruit my son will eat,

I will be grateful that one day of eating only processed carbohydrates can’t possibly do that much harm.

Today, when I find the library book that has been missing for 6 months,

I will be grateful I can return it through the book deposit box and pay the fine online, instead of facing the librarian.

Today, when I sit across from someone wearing a crisp, clean white shirt and mine has a splotch of coffee on it,

I will be grateful for how delicious that coffee was and the ability to enjoy the slight smell of it throughout the day.

Today, when I see the kindness of strangers or receive an actual letter in the mail or feel the love of friends and family,

I will be grateful for all of the universe’s reminders of what really matters.

Whitney Cain