my truths

1.     I need to have coffee with half-and-half everyday.  

I just do.

2.     Even exclusive retailers have twice yearly sales.

“Once in a lifetimes” occur more than once.  I take opportunities when they bring energy and challenge; I pass when they bring unease or dread.  Those reactions tell me a “yes” is based on the wrong reasons – like fear the opportunity’s gains won’t come again or an obligation to some “should” I’m carrying around.  Regardless of their source, these feelings signal a gracious, “not this time.” 

3.     The driver behind me might not mean to be on my bumper.

I believe the vast majority of us want to be our best selves and, mostly, try to be.  Maybe the person on my bumper is curing cancer on her way to work, so she doesn’t realize she’s so close.  Or maybe she’s rushing to help our community’s children and families.  Perhaps she believes condensing traffic space is efficient.  Of course, she could just be acting like a turkey.  We all do occasionally, but those occasions don’t make us who we are. 

4.     I need to be kind to the Whitney.

Compassion for myself equals more compassion for others.  (Hence, the importance of #1.)

5.     I believe God or the Universe or whatever it is that moves this world around gives us the grace to deal with troubles – not the troubles.

I really, really, really believe this one.

6.     You can be a dog person AND a cat person.

It’s simpler to choose “or” over “and,” but it’s not easier.  Owning our complexity offers rich openings for real connection, real change, and real living.  We can be generous AND stingy.  We can recognize the relative ease of our first-world problems AND feel pain from them.  We can be in one place AND hold deep empathy for those in very different ones.  We can be kind to ourselves AND expect more from ourselves.

7.  You don’t have to have 10 items on a list to make it a shareable list.

At least I don’t.

Whitney Cain