My husband’s previous job dissuaded employees and spouses from using social media.  I never completely understood why, but happily hid behind the request, employing it as my excuse for avoiding technological communications beyond email. 

His change in jobs lifted the ban and the next thing I knew he was tweeting and liking and posting blurry pictures on any number of different outlets.  With my excuse gone, friends advised me to develop some sort of social media presence at least on behalf of my own career move to a solo practice.  Hence the birth of Bloomsbury Therapy’s blogs. 

I like writing these little missives and feel just like Judy Jetson when I’ve successfully posted them, but a tech-savvy friend told me I couldn’t rest on my Tuesday blog laurels.  She advised upping my game with Instagram and worked hard to help me understand the intricacies and etiquette of hashtags (which are really number signs).  For example, “the number sign/hashtag shan’t be too long,” and “the number sign/hashtag shall be relevant.” I can’t remember what my parents paid so dearly for me to learn on Wednesday afternoons at Miss Flora Mayheim’s School of Decorum, let alone hashtag propriety.  

Maybe I do need to up my social media game and post more often with timely, sassy hashtags.  I just can’t figure out how that would go.  I’m better suited for impulsive, real-time, and context-inappropriate sharing versus the considered type requiring a photo and witty caption.  I’m not opposed to such a curated view of my life, I just don’t know how it could reflect what I want you to know or what I want to remember.

My best self hangs out in the present more than in the past or future, and she tries to negotiate the sweet spot where authenticity and boundaries meet.  This translates into lots of caveats and, from what I understand, hashtags don’t have room for those.  I’m not saying I won’t try some new social media moves and I do appreciate my friend’s sage advice to that end.  For now #I’mStillWorkingonThis so #StayTuned.  

p.s.  Thanks #kkpwantiques!

Photo Credit:  MKHMarketing's howtostartablogonline.net

Whitney Cain