Making Manifest

Somehow instead of subscribing to the NPR News Now podcast, I downloaded a series on the Law of Attraction.  Given I have no idea how I did this, I figured it was, in fact, evidence of the Law of the Attraction.  So, I’ve been driving around town listening to various practices for manifesting my hopes and dreams.

In short, the Law of Attraction maintains we invite whatever it is we want in our lives – material or otherwise – by focusing our attention and energies.  I’ve learned clear affirmations are foundational to manifestation.  I haven’t been a superstar in this area.  I’m more likely to offer a vague, yet earnest plea or prayer for what I want versus assert a positive declaration of it.

Still, I’m not sure affirmations work much better for me than entreaties and requests.  In the car with the children this weekend, my jaw didn’t unclench one bit and my voice held the tell-tale screech of a parent on the edge even though I said, “I am a loving and patient mother” 42 times in a row.  Likewise, while my mind chanted “I feed my body healthy fare,” my mouth ordered – and then gobbled up – a frozen Snickers from the pool’s snack bar.  (It was delicious.)

I think my pathway to manifestation requires something more than declarations, and I’m wondering if invocation could fit the bill.  Merriam-Webster says invocation involves “petitioning for help or support,” with a specific request for the helper’s presence, via some formula6 or process.  A lesser definition includes “a formula for conjuring.”

This could work.  Invocation means I can go directly to the source to ask for what I want or need.  If the source remains a mystery or unavailable, no worries.  The emphasis on process means I can look for next steps – whether planned and researched or spontaneous and organic – to manifest my due.  Plus, I can conjure.  Conjuring seems spicy and festive and leaves a little room for the unexpected and unknown to come into play on the way to making what I want mine.  And that’s just what I need to figure out how to download my podcast.

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Whitney Cain