Things I Forget (and Then Remind Myself of) Every Summer

Things I Forget Every Summer (Even Though I Promise I'll Remember Them)

  1. Sunscreen expires.
  2. My children’s definition of unstructured time is screen time, not my imagined vision of them giggling and chasing butterflies in the front yard.
  3. The pool snack bar bill could fund a food pantry for months and consists almost entirely of chicken tenders, fries, and Gatorade.
  4. Given item 3, we probably won’t be lovingly gazing upon one another as juice from whatever fruit we bought during our weekly family trip to the Farmer’s Market drips down our chins.
  5. The incredibly long list of home-, child-, and self-improvements I set out for the season rarely (read never) pans out.
  6. Even though sometime just after July 4th I can’t wait for summer to end, I feel a little punky when I get the school supply list.

Things I Have to Tell Myself Every Summer Since I Forgot the Stuff I Promised to Remember

  1. Check the sunscreen expiration date.
  2. I’m signing up my kids up for more camps next summer.
  3. I haven’t been to the grocery in weeks.
  4. We have never taken weekly or family trips to the Farmer’s Market. Plus, all that fruit attracts flies.  We’ll take weekly, family trips to the Farmer’s Market this fall for apples (we won’t).
  5. We’re all just fine.
  6. The days are long, but the weeks are short.

Photo Attribution:  Ulleo.  Retreived from https://pixabay.com/en/sunflower-sunflower-field-yellow-1627193/sunflowers/

Whitney Cain