GiGi & Mr. Puffy: An Allegory

GiGi had lots of large, wild, out-of-the-box dreams and ideas. She knew one day these dreams and ideas would become creative, useful things.  Since making large, wild dreams into creative, useful things was serious business, she kept careful notes and lists to keep herself on track.


One day when GiGi was sitting in the sun updating her notes and to-do lists, a man strolled by and introduced himself as Mr. Puffy.  He asked GiGi what she was doing.  “I’m updating notes on my large, wild ideas,” she replied.  Mr. Puffy requested she tell him more about these ideas and, mistakenly thinking he had a bit of sense, GiGi did.

“Hmm, those are awfully big ideas.  Too big, maybe.”  What an odd comment.  GiGi had never considered size limits for ideas. 

Mr. Puffy continued, “I don’t think big, large, out-of-the-box ideas are necessary.  I prefer small, typical ideas, and dreams that fit in boxes.  Of course, you can choose your ideas and dreams, but I wouldn’t invest too much in those big ones.”  Then Mr. Puffy bid her adieu and continued his stroll.

GiGi went back to her list, but she couldn’t muster much interest in it.  She thought about Mr. Puffy and his warnings.  She folded her list and put it in her backpack.  No, that wouldn’t do.  She crumpled the list and put it in a nearby trash bin.  She put wrappers on top of it for good measure. 

As GiGi readied to go, Mr. Puffy happened by again.  “Hello!” he said, “Still working on your big ideas?”  “No,” she responded, “I’m taking a break.”  “I think that’s very wise.  No need to rush these things,” he replied.  He grinned and skipped away.

It was then GiGi noticed Mr. Puffy had a wicked comb over.  It was blowing up and out in the breeze and left a patch of his pasty head to turn pink in the sun.  And GiGi realized something else – Mr. Puffy was a jackass. 

She slipped on the latex gloves she always carried in her pocket (you never knew when a pair would be handy), dug through the wrappers, and pulled her crumpled to-do list from the trash.  Then GiGi returned to her place in the sun and the serious, necessary business of making big, wild, out-of-the-box ideas come true. 

CreativityWhitney Cain