Louise Gray's Advice


Our most inspired guest blogger, Louise Gray Leonard is back with some words of wisdom.  Where was this kid when I was 13 or 25 or 37 or just last week for that matter?  I hope you enjoy.


  1. AT THE END OF THE DAY, YOU ARE ULTIMATELY THE CURATOR OF YOUR LIFE. When you wake up each morning, take your life back. Take your life back from negativity and from things that do not grow or move you. Make a pact with yourself to take control of who you have the ability to be and what you will have the ability to do. Harness the energy you put into nourishing a life that didn’t feel like yours and focus it on growing a life that inspires you. 
  2. NEVER SETTLE FOR LESS. Wait a while for what’s to come. Keep learning about yourself. Keep fighting for the heart in your chest. Grow, nourish, and discover. 
  3. TRUST THAT SOME OF THE BEST DAYS OF YOUR LIFE HAVEN’T EVEN HAPPENED YET. There will be parties that leave you dancing until 6:00 am. There will be spontaneous adventures teaching you more than you ever learned in a classroom. There will be memories that dance underneath your skin. Life is better than we are at timing. Trust that and remember there’s more to feel and do. The world still has so much left for you.
  4. REPEAT AFTER ME: “I AM A VESSEL OF ROSES.” You are not a lonesome freeway with a history of accidents or the damaged record of what has tried to unravel you. You are not regret or letdown. Just like a rose bush, you won’t always be in bloom, but frosts end and blooming seasons show back up. Open like a bud to the sun, even if you’d rather run into the shadows. I promise the light will find you.
  5. CHASE YOUR CURIOSITY. Chase your interest, your goals, and your passions.  Do not chase people or the things that might convince them you fit in a world that makes them comfortable.  Build your own you.
  6. YOU ARE A RARE BREED.  You sparkle and gleam in a world that does not always understand you.  Go on and love ferociously.  Find people who don’t ask you to lessen your roar.  Find people who invite – rather than fear – the magnitude of you.
Whitney Cain