Goodbye (and Good Riddance) Summer

Every year I look forward to the time, space, and renewal summer will bring.  And every year I’m surprised by the lack of time, space, and renewal I feel during summer and at its end.   There’s no doubt I put too much pressure on summer.  I forget my fall, winter, and spring selves will be with me in the heat, and so those sister seasons’ challenges will be with me, too, albeit a bit sweatier.

With all my kids back in school, I’m ready to wrap this summer up and let autumn carry my high expectations.  That said, it’s been a good summer for me and my family.  There have been no major emotional or physical injuries.  We’ve not regressed any more than expected in reading, personal hygiene or overall sorry-ness.  We’ve taken a few trips, enjoyed some lazy days, and worked a bit on our tans.  I took time off from my Tuesday blog, although I’ve no idea what I did with the extra time.  

To bid you hello after this break, I’ll bid summer adieu.  May you and yours usher in an autumn of great big, well met expectations.


Goodbye odd line on my forehead from the hat my dermatologist frightened me into wearing.

Goodbye endless hours of watching my once sweet, creative child play Fortnite like some crazed, zombie Sloth working on a wicked case of carpal tunnel.

Goodbye bathing suit that rides up my backside when it is my backside most in need of cover.

Goodbye ginormous pool snack bar bills detailing pages and pages of Gatorades and chicken tenders.

Goodbye babysitters who string me along like bad boyfriends, committing and then canceling in the same text.

Goodbye very long summer projects to-do list.  (Sorry you didn’t get to-do’d.)

Goodbye visions of peach dripped chins, craft projects, and endless moments of easy, unscheduled family time like my mother-in-law describes.  (Sorry you didn’t get to-do’d either.)

Goodbye fruit flies that have made my kitchen home, even though I’ve not one piece of fruit in it.

Goodbye to my children every Monday through Friday morning as you head off to school.  Good luck, Godspeed, and please don’t call me unless your fever is well over 100 degrees.


Art Credit:  Louise Gray Leonard (c. 2017).

louise gray flowers.JPG
Whitney Cain