Counseling & Therapy


One of my most fundamental and favorite beliefs is that we deserve to be and live our best selves.  Transitions and turning points are often the calls to revisit how we are living – or denying – our best self lives.  Transitions may come in a relationship’s end, grief, parenting issues, a career change or a gentle nudge signaling the time to take a new view of life and living.   Regardless of the turning point’s form, my work focuses on making meaning of transitions; alleviating the stressors accompanying them; and supporting you as you find your way back – or find a whole new – path to your best self.

Some of the specific areas of concerns I specialize in include depression, anxiety, grief and loss, relationship concerns, stress and stress management, women’s issues, as well as creativity opening and enhancement.  I also offer support for adults with ADHD, parenting concerns, and health or medical issues.


Although I use a variety of counseling and therapeutic approaches, I often highlight insight-oriented and psychodynamic methods.  These approaches explore past experiences’ influences on our present choices and challenges. I have additional trainings in Jungian Theory and creative approaches to grief and trauma.  So, depending on your concerns and interests, we may incorporate mindfulness, dream interpretation, behavioral monitoring, and/or creative techniques.  The techniques we select will identify strategies for clearing obstacles in the path to your best self.  Your life’s story is uniquely yours and we will develop the process that best fits how you would like your story to unfold.

The counseling relationship is one requiring time, motivation, dedication, and consistency.  Consequently, I prefer to meet once per week or every other week.  Our first meeting is 75 – 90 minutes in length.  Subsequent meetings are 60 minutes in length.  The longer first appointment gives us an opportunity to get to know one another, as well as to identify what you want from our work.  We may decide just a few sessions will move you to the place you want to be or we may need a longer-term relationship.   Regardless, I only provide voluntary treatment and you have the right to refuse any service without consequences.