choosing choices

This isn't about politics, but the current presidential election provides an apt metaphor, so bear with me. 

I’ve heard too many people argue this election is about choosing the lesser of two of evils.  This confounds me since the candidates couldn’t be more different; it seems one would align with your most of your values.                                                                                                         

I’m also puzzled because I don’t think my candidate is evil.  My candidate is ethical, competent, resilient, inspirational, and built to lead during this time.  Who I’m voting for isn’t the point, though.  Besides, I’ve heard people who plan to cancel my vote say similar things about their person.  They aren’t my concern either.  I’m concerned about those making a choice based on who or what is less unlikeable.  That’s not a choice.  That’s a resignation or a sentence or a box check.  And we do this outside of elections.

Staying in an unfulfilling job is a choice to ignore exploring what we want and the possibilities of a meaningful career.  Moving from one unsatisfying relationship to another is a choice to discount self-love and what it brings to loving someone else.  Ordering this off the menu because we’ve never tried that is a choice to forgo other restaurants.  Abiding by forced selections is a choice to disregard that we’re adults living in a privileged place where we get to make (most of) our own choices.

If you’re choosing between the lesser of two evils, clear the noise of hype, “shoulds,” “always have befores,” and fear.  Then see if the choice feels different.  If it’s more hopeful and aligns with your values, you’ve got yourself a choice.  If it doesn’t, find another choice or two or three, because you get to choose from real choices. 

I wouldn’t worry one bit if my children spent the day with my candidate or chose said individual as a role model.  I’m not choosing the lesser of two evils.  I’m choosing exactly who and what I want.  Now you choose.

Whitney Cain