My Boring Hopes for You


Since Halloween, time has been moving at breakneck speed.  I hadn’t even put costumes up before it was time to find the dressing recipe.  Now the neighbors’ doors are bedecked with garlands and I can see twinkly lights through their windows.  Meanwhile I have three big pumpkins on the porch. 

Time doesn’t fly only when we’re having fun.  It just flies.  I’m guessing my kids would disagree. On unscheduled, lazy weekends, I think our clock has cartoon hands whizzing around its face.  Unless they are booked to the gills, my children believe the same clock stands still and chant “I’m bored” with admirable persistence.

Maybe time goes faster as we get older because we have a better tolerance for boredom.  Or maybe we grow out of being bored.  I certainly remember being bored, but these days I can hardly conjure up a good bout of boredom.  The only surefire way is to go to an awards ceremony, but I mostly get out of those.  Even when I do go, my mind wonders into a daydream or I do such serious people watching I can’t get bored to the can’t-take-it-anymore-I’m-going-to-start-misbehaving level.  Or maybe boredom becomes more pleasant when it’s juxtaposed against so much stuff and so much stuff to do. 

I only recently learned about Deviled Egg Day (November 2), but I didn’t have time to celebrate it with Thanksgiving breathing down Halloween’s neck.  Not surprisingly, I also failed to arrange a proper King Tut Day (November 4) celebration.  Nor did I get supplies for today’s holiday, Make Your Own Head Day (November 28).

I’m determined not to miss International Monkey Day (December 14), but I’m letting myself off the hook for National Date Nut Bread Day (December 22).  I’ll be exhausted from the December’s Bingo Month goings-on.

As we barrel through the holidays and into a new year, I wish us all a whole bunch of boredom. I hope we are so bored we’re forced into thinking up holidays we couldn’t possibly consider on our non-bored days.  I hope we have such long, tedious days that the clock hands stand still and we can’t help but misbehave.  So, from my family to yours:  May you be bored silly this holiday season.


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