Some New Truths to Add to the Old Ones


Over a year ago I wrote a blog about what seems most true for me in this world.  I’ve got a few more to add to the list. 

  1. The hopefulness in terms such as “water weight” and “salt retention” should be celebrated.
  2. In partnerships – whether business, marital or otherwise – it’s easy to believe you’re doing more work than your partner.  It doesn’t really matter if this is true.  Each of you is likely doing a lot of work.
  3. You can want things to be different as much as you, well, want, but it’s not typically a good use of your time.
  4. Open communication isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  A few secrets are healthy.
  5. Outer order doesn’t fully correlate with inner calm, but it goes a long way in making things feel more manageable.
  6. Most of the stuff on the to-do list doesn’t really need to get done.
Whitney Cain